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In the pious city of Ankleshwar, we offer you the company of not-so-innocent girls. Ankleshwar the city is well-known for its matters. However, if you are in Ankleshwar, and you are not interested in religious matters but are looking to get over your bodily frustrations, then you have come to the right place! Because we offer you the company of sweet sensual girls, just as sweet as the traditional Gujarati food served all over the town.

All our girls are well-mannered and professional, while at the same time having the capacity to make you feel right at home. we make sure your individual requirements are taken care of. We ensure that our escorts serve you as per your choices and needs. There is no need to hesitate when it comes to telling us what services you’d like from our escorts, as we and our girls are not judgemental by nature and won’t criticize you for your likes and dislikes. You can open up to us and be frank when it comes to telling us what you need.

Professional Girls

You also don’t need to worry about being seen with our girls in public, as they are well-mannered and know how to blend in with the common folk.

The girls shall arrive right on time to please you. They are thorough with their work and are punctual. The experience you want from our girl depends entirely upon you- from a no-strings-attached one to a girlfriend experience, we provide them all. We at know that each person is different in his needs and preferences. Hence, the rates and timings are all tailoured individually for individual customers.

Discreet Fun

Are you the kind of guy that loves parties and social occasions? No issues- we’re sure we’ve got the girls you’re looking for! Or are you the homely type, and would like to spend time with your girl all alone in your room? We have just the girl for you! Family at home, or afraid the local society would not approve of your sensual encounters? Worry not- we’ll let you and your girl have fun discreetly at a comfortable location which your family, friends or neighbours would never get to know of. Discreet fun guaranteed- nobody gets to know- it’s all between you and us.

Yep! Don’t worry about ‘getting caught in the action’- we promise you that whatever happens between us stays between us, and doesn’t reach anyone else’s ears. You have to follow a very simple procedure- just call us on the number given below, tell us your requirement, your budget, and the time of your desired meeting with our escort. It is also up to you whether you wish to meet in secret or want our girl to accompany you in a party. Incall, Outcall- all up to you, whatever makes you comfortable! We guarantee that nobody will find out about your private business. Your privacy-our concern!


At Ankleshwar, we bring you beautiful girls from all over the country- North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, North-eastern–you name it, and we’ve got one! Not only that, we also have foreign firecrackers like tall blonde Russians, in case you want to take a bite into a different cuisine!

But are the girls well-trained you ask? We at RoshniDixit Ankleshwar provide you with quality girls, experienced in a diverse set of skills. Our girls are skilled at various services, such as:

  • Blowjob
  • Handjob
  • 69
  • Doggystyle
  • Missionary
  • Bukkake
  • Mediterranian
  • Bondage etc.

No scam- this is the real deal!

And if you’re looking for someone to have a little more than just physical fun, then we have high-class girls who are not only experts in the sensual arts, but are also great at striking a conversation with you ranging on a variety of subjects. At RoshniDixit Ankleshwar, feel free to order girls for the Girlfriend Experience. These young girls, some in college and some in jobs, will make you feel in the first ten minutes that you’ve know them for a lifetime. They’ll make you forget you were ever lonely, and for the time guaranteed, be your companion, not just physically but also as a lover.

Go ahead- why so shy?

Still hesitant about ordering our services? Don’t worry, my friend, go ahead and call the number below! Remember-depending on your budget as well as your interests, you can hire from a range of girls- from high-class to medium, from young to and older woman, from someone with youthful looks to someone with maturity. Fast, slow, sensual, aggressive- you name the style, and you shall be satisfied accordingly. Amazons, ASPs, short, thin, BBW- you name the type and we’ll deliver! Submissive, dominant, wild, mild- we’ve got them all- just pick and choose!

Low on budget? Don’t worry–we have girls that don’t charge much. Have a lot of money to spend? We’ve got the finest, most beautiful girls waiting to serve you! Just like any other well-crafted product, we’ve got a wide range when it comes to prices. The juicier the apple, the higher the price, but also the tastier the juice ;)

Forget your worries!

Don’t just sit there staring at the screen- call us to have the time of your life with the sweetheart of your choice! We look forward to your call. You might be in Ankle-eshwar, but we guarantee you fun that includes more than just ankles ;)

Renew your life!

And get a breath of fresh air, with RoshniDixit escorts Ankleshwar. Pick and choose, and get an appointment at a time of your choosing. Stop watching fantasies online, and go for the real deal!

But yes, remember–don’t forget to bring your own protection!

Trust us, once you order your service from us, you’ll keep coming back for more! We look forward to have you as a client.

Your satisfaction is a matter of our reputation! So...

Satisfaction guaranteed!